Thursday, January 12, 2012

MTC Drop Off

We got to drop Sister Wells-Longshore off at the MTC yesterday afternoon. It was a completely different experience than what I had when I went almost 5 years ago. We were only allowed 1 car. We drove to the very end of the line, hopped out, hugged her real good, and then said goodbye. Two Elders were there to roll her suitcases to the spot and they were all off. Luckily we had all our tears out at Grandpa's house, so there were hardly any tears shed at the MTC. Mom, however, was a little different story. She cried pretty hard.  I think it was a little sadness and lots of joy!

She should be sending us a letter soon, and then we will find out who her companion is and when he Preparation Day (p-day) is so we know when to expect emails!


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