Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another week has passed! Can you believe it has already been 7 weeks?!


How are y'all doing!?!

Are y’all ready for a story? So once upon a time... Ok, not really... but we did have a bit of an adventure!  So after laundry is when my companions and I email home.  Well, when we went into the computer lab we realized that the Internet isn't working.  So then we go to another... and another.. and 4 others.  FINALLY we found some computers that worked so we could talk to our families! YEAH!!  Oh man, we were worried there for a minute for sure! haha

So this week was wonderful! Remember how I told you that we are memorizing the First Vision? Well things are going really well.  Most of my district has it, and there are a few of us that are still working hard.  Nothing seemed to be sticking for me last week, but now the Korean is flowing.  I find that when I put things to songs I memorize them SO MUCH EASIER!  So for the First Vision, I've put the words to the "All Creatures of Our God and King" tune haha.  Because of that song I have memorized nearly half in two days.  hahah Thank goodness.  

Another exciting thing in my Korean world, is all of my companions and I have completely taken away all the notes for our lessons.  I used to take a small index card with some of the vocab words I was having a hard time with.  Yep, NO MORE!  Needless to say before our first lesson without any notes all of us were kind of stressed, but it went really well, and I think it has to be in my top five favorite lessons.  Heavenly Father most certainly blessed with a clear and calm mind.  

This week one of our investigators had to go back to Korea, so we now have a new investigator!  His name is Beh Gun Sheen.  He is buddist.  And yes, teaching him is hard!! He's super nice, but it's hard to think of how to teach when he doesn't even believe in God (yet...).  Our first lesson we were able to establish some common ground by talking about families and good works and such.  So that was really good.  BUT I know that I will be teaching many people of this faith when I get to Korea so I was wondering if y’all could send me some background of their faith.  I can't teach someone if I don't know his or her needs.  Along with teaching lessons, our teacher has assigned our companionship to Elders in our district and we will now be teaching each other in Korean as if we were progressing investigators.  I'm excited to teach my peers, but preparing for two lessons every day in Korean is going to be challenging!

Something else new happened this week: we got 3 new roommates!! They are three sisters that are going state side, English speaking.  I think they were a little shocked when we walked into the room at night just speaking Korean. hahah We've now taught them "hello" "goodbye" and "I love you".  I even put all their names in Korean!  They absolutely loved that haha   They are super cute, but it's strange to think that they will be leaving before us! lol

I am super excited for this coming week!!! We are FINALLY getting the new district!  There are 8 Elders and one Sister Chase coming .  Sister Chase is going to Busan!!  So fun!  I am really surprised at how many sisters have been called there.  It's so great.  Because I'm the Coordinating Sister I get to give them orientation on Thursday with the Zone Leaders.  I'm way excited to get to know them.  As a kind of "welcome!" the entire zone will be speaking only Korean on Thursday! haha I hope they are ready for the madness. 

So last Tuesday the devotional was given by Elder Don R. Clarke of the Quorum of the 70.  My favorite thing he said was that we determine NOW how our mission will be.  He gave a story of a young missionary that was companions with some Elders that were not being strictly obedient.  While the 3 other missionaries in the apartment would sleep in, this young elder would obediently woke up at 6:30, studied and prepared for the day as he was told.  When asked how it was, he said it was SO HARD!! But he decided way before that companionship that he would be obedient.  I remember learning that lesson in Young Women’s; that if we decide today what kind of missionary, member or person we want to be, then in the moment when we are asked to do something against what we know is true, the decision is easy and our conviction is set.  While we were discussing this talk, Elder Allen in my district said that "nothing bad can come of being too good".  I love that!  But hard times will come. And there will be moments when we feel we don't have enough strength, but I love the words of hymn # 85 "How Firm a Foundation" especially the end of verse 2 and all of 3.  Whenever it seems too hard, remember that we are never alone. Whenever we think that it would be easier to give in to those around us remember that the Lord is there to give us the strength that we need.  Helaman 5:12 explains the same things. 

I love this gospel and I love the strength and comfort it constantly gives to those who are willing to receive it.  The Lord is waiting to bless each of us.  And I know He is waiting to bless the people of Korea.  I'm excited to bring this message to all those who are waiting for it!

I love you all!! Till next week....

Ps: Random Fact: So you mentioned that Brother Hatfield noticed that the tags were different.  The reason the church re-did them was because on the tags, the translation of "latter-days" in Korean meant more like the apocalypse... not exactly what we want to get across.  So they re-translated it a little more correctly haha

OH!  So you remember Sis Kent?  The sister that left for Busan last week? Well she wrote us all about the fun times, but the coolest was she is assigned to the island of Dejoo (spelling I have no idea... but that's how you say it! haha) Sisters haven't been sent to the island in 2 years! I think it's soo awesome that she is there!  I really hope that I get to go to the island on my mission! haha

Love all y’all!!

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