Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 more days....

Dearest Family,
The LAST PDAY in the MTC has finally come! Can you believe it?? I know I can't!

Well this past week has been pretty fantastic!  On Wednesday our dong-ee (the group of Korean missionaries that came in on the 11th) all got to Host!!  Remember the missionaries that helped me with my luggage and everything on the first day at the drop off?? Yeah, we got to do that! It was so much fun.  The Elders all got to be on the curb, but us sisters were waiting in 17M for the arriving sisters.  We helped them up to their rooms, getting their new books, and then to their classrooms.  It felt almost like a right of passage. Haha Like passing on our knowledge and wisdom of 10 weeks to the newbies haha.  The best part is, we get to do it again this next week!!!

Another "first" that happened this last week was we became FAMOUS!! haha The MTC has added a new, smaller gym and they are now offering P90X.  The first day that you arrive at the MTC you have to watch an orientation video and Gym time is one of the sections.  In order to explain the new area they needed pictures of course!!  And guess who got to be in those pictures?!? THIS sister missionary haha.  OK, so I'm really not THAT famous, but at least all the new missionaries will have the honor of seeing me all sweaty as I work out haha.  (OOO and for all those RM's out there, remember "The District" videos? Yeah, we got to meet two of those people.. and they're pretty much like celebrities when it comes to MTC land. "That's what it's all about")  So for anyone of those missionaries who will be going into the MTC sooner or later... watch for me in the gym slide show! Whoot whoot.

Another "famous" moment will be happening tonight.  One of my companions, Sister Kersey, was asked to pray tonight for the Devotional!! Since we have to be attached to the hip we get to go sit up on the stand with her!! Yippee!  We hope it's someone good so we could possibly sneak a handshake =]

So every week I get to learn a little more about Korea and the things I will be experiencing.  I have known for awhile now that as a sister missionary I can't do several things: 1. Shake hands... with pretty much anyone.  My bow will be amazing by the time I come home. (So next time you see me and all I can do is'll know why.) 2.  Talk to boys.  Like, I cannot talk to ANYONE of the opposite in public because people will automatically think that I am flirting.  This includes at church (though the older people are ok to talk to) and street contacting (jun-doe).  Crazy huh? 

Are y’all ready for the MOST exciting thing that happened this week!?!?!? WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!! AHHH!!!
Ok, so here it goes....
We are on DELTA AIRLINES the entire way.
From SLC:
Depart @ 11:05am (Mar. 26th)
Arrive in Seattle, WA at 12:17pm (FLIGHT NUMBER 2157)
From Seattle:
Depart @ 2:00pm
Arrive in Tokyo Narita, Japan @ 4:45 pm (Mar.27th) (FLIGHT NUMBER 155)
From Tokyo:
Depart @ 7:10pm
Arrive in Busan, South Korea @ 9:35pm (FLIGHT NUMBER 639)

So I will be trying really really really hard to either give y'all a quick call in the SLC airport (we leave the MTC at about 8:30am) or it will have to be a really really really quick call in Seattle.  I bought a calling card today so I'm all-good with that (PS it only works in the USA).  I CANNOT miss my flights, so if by some chance I can't call y'all at the airport, then well... mother's day is in about a month... Though let's all pray really really hard that I get to talk with y'all!!!

Other house keeping.. I won't be able to get any DearElders from the MTC after Saturday MORNING, So if y’all are sending me anything that way, just a heads up.  Also, since I'm FINALLY going to Korea, I figure y’all might need a reminder of what my Korean Address is!

Sister Chalene Cherie Wells-Longshore
Korea Busan Mission
(1/2) 1039-1 Oncheon 2-dong
Busan-si, Busan-gwangyeoksi 607-062

It's kinda funny, I can actually pronounce my address now! haha Mom, remember trying to figure it out!?!

Just think, the next time y'all here from me I will be in KOREA!  Time is already flying by so quickly, I hope it will slow down some, or the next 15 1/2 months will be over all too quickly. 

Thank you to everyone for the constant love and support since the beginning of my mission.  It has been an amazing ride as I have begun to realize and cherish the time I have had to grow and become the missionary Heavenly Father needs me to be.  This is only the beginning of the journey, and I am excited to see the treasures this next year holds.  I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and He has a personal plan for each of us.  He wants all His children to be able to return to live with Him, and I know the only way to return and live with God is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am humbled when I realize I have the priveldge to proclaim His Gospel to the people of Korea.  I know that there are people waiting in Korea who have been searching and yearning for the Light and Love of Christ, and I look forward to helping them come unto Christ.  I love the scripture in Matt. 18:20, and I know that as Missionaries of the Lord, we too are able to allow God to be apart of the lives we teach.

As I go Korea remember the words of Alma in Alma 17:10-13, especially verse 13!  I can't wait to share the experiences that are waiting for me in Korea. 

Thanks again, and I love you all!!

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