Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sandcastle Festival

Hello my darling family!!

Man, this last week went by fast, and by the sound of things it went fast for all y’all too.  I love summer time!! It's full of some much fun!  Though I can hardly believe it is already JUNE!!!  I had a bit of a moment a couple of days ago when I realized that I only had 1 year and 1 month left of my mission!... I know that to some that may seem like a lot but to me that is WAY TOO SHORT!!  The next day during study time I just looked out my window and had an “Oh-my-heavens!-I-am-in-Korea!!-THIS-IS-AWESOME" moment haha. I love it here.

Last week started off fun, but there were a couple of days that weren't so great.  I got sick, :( lame I know.  I was doing so well, but Tuesday night it just hit me hard.  So I got to go to bed early and sleep in.  It was fantastic!  And I’m excited to announce that the bags under my eye DO go away!!! It's a miracle... though they won't ever really go away while I’m here, I think. I don't really get to sleep for 15 hours every day lol.  The Korean doctor was even nice enough to give me a discount off my visit. Being an American in Korea does have its perks for sure.

After a good day of rest I was ready to get back to work, I wasn't 100%, but that didn't matter, I had work to do! Glory Work!  For the past couple of weeks we have really been working with our potential investigators to try and meet with them more often.  Tuesday afternoon I got to go on an exchange with Sister Cutler, one of the sisters that came out with me.  It was a little strange going out without our trainers but it was also lots of fun!! She came with me to the lesson with Yasmine.  (She is from Africa, married a Korean, lived here for 7 years, has 3 kids...)  Yasmine LOVES to just share her stories and talk.  It's fun to listen, but it also makes it a bit hard to teach.

But this last lesson with her was wonderful.  All of her questions went perfectly with the lesson!  It had to have been my favorite First Lesson with someone yet (and we did it all in English which it kinda nice... lol).  She really loves reading the Book of Mormon and she is never afraid to follow through with the commitments we give her. Though the things that we are teaching her are different then some of the things she's learned from her other churches, so she's not afraid to find out the truth for herself.  She will ask her questions and search for the answers, and I know that through that diligence she will come to know the truth for herself.  I'm excited to see how the lessons continue to progress.

The two little girls we are teaching are also going really well.  They are super cute, and they are doing a lot better and focusing during the lessons...I think it helps that we give them activities and visual aids to focus on.  It's been fun thinking of activities to do during the lesson to help us teach.  The primary books have been a source of great help!

Remember the wedding I went to a while back?  Well we've been trying to meet 고아라 but it hasn't happened.  She's not super interested in the gospel right now but I know that her husband (a member) wants to invite the spirit into their home.  So I came up with an idea (well, the Spirit gave me a good idea).  We are going to deliver messages.  We got a new picture of the Seoul Temple and cut it into 9 puzzle pieces; on the back of each piece I put a quote and a scripture.  The first one was about love and we used a quote from Elder Uchtdorf for the latest conference. We made the pieces into magnets so they can build a picture of the Temple upon their fridge.  She likes cute little things like that so I hope she likes the puzzle.

Because I was sick for a couple of days we didn't get to do as much work as I would have liked, so I’m excited to pack this next week full!

So today was the Haeundea Beach Sandcastle Festival!!!  It was pretty cool.  There were more like sculptures on the side of sand mounds than actual castles but it was still pretty cool to see.  Then my district built our own sand "pyramid" and it was awesome, hehe! Tomorrow I have my LAST training meeting as a TRAINY!! I'll be a big kid after that!...weird... Wednesday is the Stake Sports Day and the entire stake is meeting up to...well, play sports!  It'll be way fun I’m sure.

Busy week, but it'll be fun!

I love you all! Thank you for all the lovin' and prayers!  One day I hope to bring y'all to this beautiful place, it is already so dear to my heart!

Take care! And I'll write again next week!!!
Kiss Love Hugs!

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