Wednesday, October 17, 2012


YAY! I got pictures from Sister Wells-Longshore today!! Enjoy! {Complete with her captions!}

"My Korean haircut and glasses"

Her and Her Companion

"A sweet grandma in our Branch. We were walking her home to have lunch and she needed me to carry the umbrella because it was SUNNY outside! lol"

Elder Mallory and Elder Hwang
"District Elders. Out at lunch after a District Meeting. Her comp, Elder Mallory, Elder McBride, Her!"
"This is Elder Hwang's watch. Yes it's real....Yes, it's about $600...And YES, I got to wear it! LOL"

"Eating cake as cake should be eaten: With chopsticks sitting in the kumchi squat!"
"Yeah....we were on a bit of a sugar high after eating this 9:40pm. LOL!"
"Sister Kersey"

"Beautiful clear day after the Typhoon! The apartments in the background are nicknamed "Mega Tron" because they look like Robots! This is a fun walking bridge that reminds me of the Memphis bridge."

"Elder Grose" {He is 6'5" and makes her feel short!}

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