Monday, March 25, 2013


Dearest, Darling Family,

HELLO!! How are all y’all doing?  First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! 축하합니다!!  Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend! Daddy, that movie theatre sounded amazing! Can I go there too!?! Haha

Last week was a wonderful closing to my privilege of training the dear Sister Sarah Meliana Eliza Rose Taylor!  We had a wonderful 10 weeks with each other and there was lots of tears as the end of training came up.  I wish we had had more time together, but now she gets to learn from someone new!!

Ok, y'all ready for this!?!  Transfer Calls were on Thursday and......I WILL BE STAYING IN SANGIN!.... and....I WILL BE TRAINING AGAIN!! Yep, round 3 here we come! I wasn't surprised about the training part; I was more surprised about the staying in Sangin part.  With the large influx in missionaries, there is only ONE companionship of sisters that is not either IN training or will be training!! This transfer, 7 sisters are coming and next transfer 10 sisters will be coming. That means that by the end of 2 transfers, pretty much every sister in the mission will be training. So fun right?!! I am so excited with how many missionaries are coming in and I am so excited that I get to be a small part of it all.

Today was lots of fun. The training and transferring missionaries all gathered to the Boo and we had the opportunity to hear from President and Sister Gilbert about where the Lord wanted us to go this next transfer. They have us reading 2 articles from the Liahona {Ensign}. One is in preparation for this coming week of Easter. It is titled: "He is Risen" by President Eyring. I am excited to see what I will be able to learn as I remember the Savior and as I strive to do His work the way He would do it.

The other talk is "Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ". That one we are studying, especially the scriptures, in preparation for Zone Conference. It would be fun to have y’all study them as well, so I can get your thoughts on the matter!! {Follow the links of the Articles to read along with her this week!}

Especially when I am able to gather together with other missionaries, I am grateful that I am serving in the Korea Busan Mission. The work is hastening and I know that the Lord is looking out for all of the missionaries in this Mission and the World. I heard a rumor that the Church is projecting nearly 100,000 missionaries in the world by this next year I think!  Can you imagine!?! Heavenly Father loves His children SO much and He is ready for them all the hear His gospel! President Gilbert commented that it is the fulfillment of Jacob 5.  Amazing.

I have to say thanks to my dear family!  Thanks to Mom and Dad for their examples, and for teaching me to, not only obey the commandments and standards, but to obey them with love and exactness!! I am so grateful for the love of doing what is right that you instilled in me. Thank you for the love y'all have for each other. That, too, is one of my greatest examples. Thanks dear sisters for all that you do! Thank you for your love and service and always thinking of others.  A special shout out to Gwendel, thanks for keeping up my blog. Two of the Sisters that just came in last transfer said they were looking up things about the mission when they got their call and they found my blog and were able to follow along with all the posts!! Small world, huh?!  Not gonna lie, I was a little embarrassed, haha! But if someone out there reading these posts gets to feel a portion of the love that I have for this people and this work, then I don't mind who stumbles upon the blog! Matt and Kaylani, I love y'all dearly!! Thanks for working hard in school and at jobs, and especially at church.  I know that y'all have a huge impact on those around you.  Let your light shine for everyone to see!  You have lives to bless.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support! For all the kindness and the hard work.  I am grateful to know y'all and to have you in my hearts as I serve the people of Korea! In the Trainers Meeting, they always ask what some of the things are that we learned from our Trainers... but I think that my list of those things can include the things that I learned from y'all as well. Without your love, patience, encouragement, courage, faithfulness and testimonies I would not have had the strength to serve, nor the heart to train.

I love each of you!
I hope and pray that this week each of us remember our Savior and really prepare ourselves for this Sunday, as we once again partake of the sacrament in remembrance of not only His death, but also His life, and the Life and the Light that He gives to all of us.

Love y'all, mean it!!

Oh, and as for the subject line, this week on Wednesday I will have been in my beloved Korea for one year.  Oh how quickly time goes by! It's fun to think that I am training, in a sense, ME one year ago!!

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