Sunday, June 9, 2013


FAMILY!! HI!! Everyone sounds like they are doing fantastic so that makes me happy! Lots of fun little surprises this week huh??

Honestly, I'm a little weirded out that it is already June!! Where is the time flying to!?!

Regardless of time, it has been another fantastic week here in the Korea Busan Mission (have I mentioned that it is the best mission in the world??) Sister Scott and I are still going strong and Heavenly Father is paving the way.  Oh, the miracles have had our hearts brimming with gratitude!

My favorite moments all accumulated into this past weekend. Leading up to Saturday we had been trying to set up an appointment with the parents we met up on the mountain during morning exercises. As we were figuring out meeting places and schedules, we reminded the dad that we needed his wife there if we were going to be able to meet. Thats with the text came.... Dundundunn

He said that he was feeling a lot of 부담 (pressure) and sent us a message to have a good day. OH NO!! That had us in near tears.  Usually if a message comes like that, they never want to meet. But when that message came, our prayers began. We prayed for their hearts to be softened and we prayed to have the chance to meet them, even at least once. Saturday rolls around and we get a message from the father again. He says that he will see us at the subway station at 3:30 and then take us to meet his wife. That message came and again our prayers began, prayers of gratitude!

The meeting on Saturday was the GREATEST first meeting I have EVER had with someone!  We met the entire family, except the daughter who is finishing things up in her Utah high school.  The spirit of this family is absolutely amazing. They have such a great love for each other. Really, it felt like we were meeting with a member family. As we talked, we set up everything for the twin boys to come out the the English classes and church activities. We also set up a time to come again when the daughter arrives next week. The family just kept making mention about how much they really like our church and how the daughter will probably want to come to church when she comes home...etc..

During that meeting we were able to give them a For Strength of Youth pamphlet and explain a little bit about what their daughter was learning from Mutual. When we meet the daughter, we are going to challenge her to do Personal Progress with her mom. WE HAVE A FAMILY to teach and it is the best feeling ever!

Sunday only made it better as we had 2 investigators at church in one ward, and in our other ward that night we put on a Fireside and probably had a total of about 6 investigators there.  I got to sing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" that night and that was lots of fun. President and Sister Gilbert came and it was amazing to see the love the people have for them, and they in return. They are truly amazing people.

There are some amazing things happened!! And I am SO excited to be apart of it and do it with my wonderful companion.

(Ok, funny moment of the week, it's not mine, but Sister Scott said I could share it... Last week in Sister Scott's email, she made mention of a "sickness" that she's caught since being on her mission in Asia.  Like any worried mother might do, her mom immediately inquired of Pres.Gilbert and wondered how serious this 'sickness' was.  A small reply later, and a little more explanation from Sister Scott's sisters, the mom was comforted to know that her daughters "YELLOW FEVER" was not life threatening. Hahahahahaha *the best part was, President Gilbert reminding her to be careful what she writes home in her letters hahah)

I love y’all!! Thanks for all the love and support!
Help me keep going till the "day that shall not be named" haha
kiss love hugs!

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