Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot and Humid!

Hello darling family!! 

Sister Wells-Longshore here, sending you this email from an extremely-hot-and-uncomfortably-humid Korea.  Though the weather is just like at home, it doesn't mean that I like any more then I did there. The worst part is, I can't just have a day of swimming at Katelyn's or the Breuer's house... sigh...

Fighting the heat these past couple of weeks has been a bit obnoxious. I think the worst part is that our apartment doesn't have AC! And then, at night, we have to close all the windows because the screens on the windows have tons of holes and we get eaten alive at night. Luckily, we do have ONE fan, and we sleep with that pointed at us...all in all I feel like I’m sleeping at girls camp every night. haha Just like then, it's some good times now.

This week I had some pretty fun talks with some of the members. First, Daddy! haha So I have a small picture book I take everywhere with me so I can show the members pictures of my family. The first picture in the book is of me, mom and dad before I went into the MTC.  At a dinner appointment this past week, a member was looking through the book and he saw that picture...paused...looked at me and said: "WOW! Your Father is handsome!!  He looks like an actor!!" hehe And of course I agreed! I told you, Koreans do wonders for your self esteem! =] 

On Sunday, we had a dinner appointment with a less active. She loves learning English and is actually really good. But, she said that she wanted me to prepare something to teach her so she could keep getting better. The activity we did was role playing!   It was lots of fun.  We did two situations; one was where we were all on a bus, the other was the first day back to school after summer vacation. The second one was my favorite. My story was that my family spent the summer on the beach and every night we would have a bonfire and make s'mores.  After I told her my story she just looked at me.... "What's a s'more?" she asked.  Well, I told her it was a marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate treat.  The next two questions where "what's a graham cracker?" and "what's a marshmallow?" 

HOW on earth do you SIMPLY describe a marshmallow!?! Ummm... "A fluffy ball of sugar"??!? haha I never thought I would have to explain that one in my life. So! Now I have a request for the next package...Will you send some marshmallows and graham crackers so I can make S'mores with her? =] please and thank you!!

The work this week did NOT go according to plan...but on most of those days that was a good thing. The miracle for this week (well, one of them) happened on Friday. It seemed to be throughout the entire week both our plan, and back up plans were falling through. We were in a certain area and we decided to visit a LA we knew of. She is an amazing woman. She is a RM, but she is married to a pastor from another church. Though they fully support each other in their faiths, it's hard for her to strengthen her family and juggle two religions within the home. The day we visited her was a special day. I remind you, that this visit wasn't planned or thought of before-hand, but we were able to visit and the conversation we had was amazing. In the course of talking, she explained that that day she had been thinking and, in a sense, praying within her heart for someone to help her.  She felt so spiritually weak and lacking. She felt like she needed someone to talk a hold of her hand and help her back to the path that she had strayed from. That same day we arrived. We had a wonderful talk with her and she recommitted herself not only to church, but to renewing her temple recommend. I am so grateful that the Lord made sure our plan didn't work out so that we could accomplish His plan. But, in accordance with that, if we hadn't had our plan, we wouldn't have been in the area to visit her.  I love missionary work!!

This week I was studying a lot about charity and love.  I just finished the "Daughters in My Kingdom" (I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!!) and it was on my mind.  I love Moroni 7:45-47, these verses talk about the characteristics of Charity.  But we know Charity to be the pure love of Christ.  So, in these verses I like to substitute “charity” for “Christ.”  It's especially wonderful when you read "Christ Never Faileth".  I know that is true.  Christ will never fail us.

Thanks for all the love!! I miss y’all!! Kiss Love Hugs!

ps: Transfer calls come this week, but I think I'm staying...who knows!

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