Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello family!!

Another week gone by! So, y’all may be wondering why this email is coming to you a bit later... Well, today WAS transfer day... but don't worry!  I'm not leaving Shin Jeong! We get to stay another 6 weeks which makes me SUPER happy!  I love it here and it's great to be able to stay and see how things continue to develop and change.  The only change to our area is that we are getting an Elder team!!! So now Shin Jeong has both Elders and Sisters! The branch is small, but I think this is Heavenly Father's way of hinting that Shin Jeong is about to see many many miracles... So much that He needs two teams to handle all of them. 

Are y'all ready for my miracle for the week?!?! OK!  So, when we first got to the area there were NO updated records. So, to get a feel for the area and its potential we started studying the Area Book.  In there it contains all the previous teaching records from past investigators.  As we were looking through the book, there were about 7 pages of records all about one lady, 양선옥 (Yang Seon Oak).  When we saw how much she was taught, and how much she had progressed we were really curious as to what had happened to her.  3 phone calls, and 6 weeks later we were FINALLY able to meet with her!  And she is AMAZING!! She had explained to us on the phone about her story.  She has already read the Book of Mormon through 2 times and knows it to be true.  She has also been keeping the Word of Wisdom and has been free of coffee for about 60 days.  She explained that she felt good about the church and she felt that she knew it was true, but she wanted to have a True, Firm Conviction before she committed to be baptized.  Well, last week an Elder, who is heading home this week, went and visited with her.  She was his favorite investigator and he wanted to meet again before he headed back to America.  After their meeting we called her the next day to see how it went.  She said that she finally got her answer.  As she was sharing her experiences with this Elder she finally realized that she already has a true conviction for the truthfulness of this gospel.  (It’s amazing to see how your testimony grows when you share it!).  After that call we set up an appointment to FINALLY meet her in person. 

The next day, at her home, after we talked and she shared what now can be called her conversion story she asked us how she can be baptized!!!  (*insert big smile here)

SOOO!! We now have a baptism!! ON the 25th of August!! (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!)  There is even a neat thing about that date... On the 21st of August is the 100 day mark of being free of coffee. Sister Yang made a promise with the Lord, she asked Him that if this church was true, if this church was the church she was supposed to join and the gospel she was supposed to follow, then she wanted her answer by the 21st of August... and now she will be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the 25th. 

There are so many other facets to her story; so many other miracles that have taken place, but that is the condensed version.  I don't consider this as "my" baptism in any way. It's never really that way.  It is the Lord’s, and all the missionaries and members that have given their love and support and have shown their examples.  I am humbled to just be a part of her story. 

These next couple weeks are going to be hard for her I’m sure as she makes the final preparations to enter into this covenant and I know that Satan will not be happy that another Child of God is entering in the Fold, but I know that because of her testimony that she has been searching for and praying for and studying for the past 2 years will support her through the darkest of times and trials.  I know that, because that is what my testimony has done for me.

I love missionary work!! Sorry this week is a short email, we are pressed for time because we went to the Boo to say good bye to the missionaries going home, but know that I love y’all!!

OH! And I’m jealous y’all get to watch the Olympics!! I miss those!! Korea is really rooting for the Korean Swimmer.  It's like the Korean Michael Phelps, Park Teh Whan. 

I love you!! Kiss Love Hugs!! 

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