Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Eve

Dear Family!
Can you believe that it was only a week ago that we were able to talk!?!  Seemed so strange to hear your voices and then just get back to work. But it was WONDERFUL to hear your voices. Like last Mother's Day, it was a relief to realize that you still sound so familiar. Silly I know, but it's true. I have to admit every time I read your emails I can hear y’alls voices.  Good times. Though the call was a little sketchy, it was still fantastic.

Well like I said, after the phone call, the work just moved on forward. We have been able to do more and more less active finding and 10 min member lessons and that makes me so happy! I feel like I'm slowly getting to know this area. I still don't know the members as well as I would want to, but we are working on that. On Friday, the Lovely Daegu decided to snow... a lot... like one foot a lot!!!! YEAH!! We had plans to take a bus out to visit a member, but seeing the buses out on the ice roads changes our plans REAL fast!! Instead we decided to walk...for 5 hours!  It was so fun though! Those are my favorite days, when we just go out and pound the pavement finding apartments and people. So that was really good. Mom and Dad, if I haven't thanked you for my FANTASTIC boots, then I really really need to!! THANK YOU!!  I love them so so sooo very much!  And my feet stay dry and warm. Really, thank you.

This week we got a new investigator!!! I'm in love with her already. Her sister is a recent convert and went to BYU. A long time ago the little sister would come to church with her sister, but lost interest. She decided to come back and try again. Her personality makes me laugh. She is a little bit of the cool girl, but she is so kind and sweet and we've become fast friends. I see a lot of potential in her and I'm excited to continue to teach her more and more. The only potentially bad thing is that she is going into the busiest school year for Korean students. It's called GoSam.Which means the third year in school.  It's their senior year and it is absolutely brutal!  Non stop studying and tests and preparations for university!  So meeting with her might be a bit difficult, but she seems to have a big desire to meet so that helps a lot.

The work is all going well. I love it here in Daegu, especially for the members. They love missionary work and they are always looking for chances to share this gospel. They are a good example to me.

Sorry this one is a short one...we have to finish early today.. But I'll fill y’all more in next week. kiss love hugs!

PS Benny and Kara~  Congratulations 축하합니다 
Emily and Gpa... no packages yet....
Matt and Kaylani - glad you liked your present!!
Everyone else!  LOVE YOU!!!

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