Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfer #8

Hi! How is everyone doing?? From the emails it sounds like everyone is doing great, which makes me happy.

So...are y’all ready to hear about Transfers!?! So like normal, the calls came to us on Thursday night.  During that week leading up to the calls, I really didn't have any particularly strong feelings of what was going to happen.  I had some thoughts, but no strong impressions. Thursday night came and I found that I was nervous!  Like really nervous!!  I had butterflies like crazy, though I really couldn't figure out why. A little after 9pm my companion got a call from the AP's that told her she was going to be transferring...but they didn't say anything about me... When her phone call ended, the butterflies did NOT go away. I just kept thinking "there is going to be another phone call... there is going to be another phone call".  At 9:26pm the phone rang again, and my companion handed it over to me. As soon as she answered, I knew who it was and the butterflies and nerves completely disappeared. The first thing I said was "I was wondering when you were going to call!" And then President replied with "I tried 4 times!!" haha

President Gilbert then goes on to tell me that, once again, I will have the opportunity of TRAINING a new missionary!!!!!! There are 2 sisters coming in!  One is American (Sister Sarah Taylor) and the other is Korean (sister 박세영 bak seh yeong).  The Korean Sister is also really good at English because she studied in Hawaii. Anyhow!  Me and Sister Cutler from my MTC group will be training for our second time. I don't know until this Thursday who my new companion will be, but I have to admit that I am really really really excited to be training again!!

When the call came from President, I instantly felt peace, and joy, and excitement. I know that this is what I need to do right now and I'm excited for the blessings and miracles and opportunities it will bring.

I've been thinking a lot about what kind of companionship I want to create with this new missionary. More then ever, we need missionaries who are obedient, loving and grateful.  Busan has a temple on the horizon and we are working hard towards it. I want a companion who will love; Love me, love the members, and love the work. For that to happen I know that I need to first love the Savior, and love her. Though I kinda feel like I'm whitewashing and training at the same time, I'm excited for the Light and the Spirit my new companion will bring to our area. What a blessing she will be, whoever she is, to the Sangin Ward.

I think what I'm FIRST most excited for in this week is spending time with Sister Cutler.  She is currently serving in Shin Jeong, so I get to go back and visit everyone for the next couple of days!!!!!!  I'm SO SO SO excited!!!!!  hehe  And since both of us have trained before, we are already talking a lot about how to do better and what to change etc. It'll be a good week of learning. I am so grateful every day to be apart of the Korea Busan Mission Family.  Truly, this is the greatest mission in the world ^__^

I love you all and thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers. Say a little prayer for the new missionaries coming in. Bless them to come in with fire and to help us move this mission forward to the level Heavenly Father needs it to be at. I'm excited!  This is an exciting time here in Busan!! More and more missionaries are coming in!!  I actually hope that I will have the chance to continue to train these last 5 transfers of my mission. If I can't forever serve here, then I want to make sure the next 'generation' of missionaries takes care of my dear Busan.

Cool thing I learned/ realized this week...I was looking through my old MTC notebook and I found a quote from one of the elders in my classroom. He said "If we are not living to be loving, then what is the point?" Studying the Savior's attributes and life this past transfer I was able to see even more clearly that the Savior and the Godhead, are all personages of Love.  So, "if we are not living to be CHRISTLIKE, then what is the point?" 

**I think that this is something that I want to focus on this next transfer with my new companion.  Truly, if we love the Savior, then we will love others.  And if we are living to be loving then we are fulfilling our divine potential.

and I love y’all!!

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