Monday, July 1, 2013

12th Transfer, Day 1

Family!! HELLO!!
How is everyone doing this week??  (Don't worry I'm making sure my email is saving so i don't lose it like I did last week...again, sorry about that one...)

FIRST HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!  Daddy, I love you!! Thanks for being the best daddy in the whole world!

This week was so amazing!  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

We had a fun P-day with all the missionaries last week at the Haeundae Sandcastle Festival.  It was fun to go again this year. I love getting to see all the other missionaries.

So, last week I didn't get to tell y’all much, but we have been continuing to work with our investigator who has a baptismal date for next month on the 7th. She is so amazing!!  This past week as we taught about prophets and Christ’s ministry, we talked about the 10 commandments.  After going over them and discussing them a little bit, we asked her what commandment would be difficult to keep. Her answer "thou shalt not murder"... slight awkward silence... and then we asked her to explain. She said that even killing a bug, a creature of God, could be considered as bad. And then thinking ill of someone, or wishing bad upon someone, could be considered breaking the commandment as well. The discussion that followed that, about keeping the commandments in our actions and hearts was really neat. I'm grateful for the bubbly, humble, and faithful heart of this investigator.  It's neat to see her progression. ((She even sent us some scriptures the other night of where she was reading in the Book of Mormon))

I think the really learning points this past week was the exchanges I got to go on Friday.  The missions have added a new calling for sisters. Called Sister Trainer Leaders.  And I have the privilege of helping 6 companionships in my zone and the one neighboring it.  As a part of the call, I get to go out on exchanges with the sisters. This past weekend Sister Scott and I went to Daeshin and GuPo. 

I have to say that we have the best sister missionaries EVER in our mission!  The sisters are so amazing. I learned some pretty neat things with them.  At the end of both exchanges, I asked the sisters to share with me some words of advice they would share with other sisters if they were in my position.

Here are some of their replies: 
One companionship, who are both newer missionaries, was worried about whether or not they were doing the work "right". At the end of the exchange one sister said that she was most grateful to see that even though we are all different people with slightly different styles, that each of us are doing the work through our purpose and the Spirit.  There may be doubts of "am I doing it right?" And "Is there another, better way?" but to see that everyone else was figuring it out too, that there was no one set way, but each was going forth relying on the Lord, was a relief to see.

Another sister talked about sharing God's Love. We constantly strive to tell investigators and members and people we see on the street that God loves them, but we also need to constantly be telling our companion those things as well.

In the other set of exchanges with the sisters, a discussion we had led to some really neat insights. We discussed that what people need most to understand is the importance of personal revelation and relying on the Spirit. We cannot do this work by ourselves, that is why we have a companion. The relationship between you and the Spirit, and then you and your companion is very similar. Just like you rely on the Spirit for guidance, support, comfort and peace, you need to rely on your companion for the same things. If you companionship is weak, then your relationship with the Spirit cannot have the strength that it needs. Unity in the companionship begins with your efforts to be united with the Spirit. ((I'm sure these things are easily applied to other things outside of missionary work))

Again, thoughIi went on those exchanges to help, I felt like I left with much more.

I have had a special feeling in my heart these past couple of weeks. I feel Heavenly Father's love filling my heart. It's comforting and wonderful, and if I focus too much on it, it makes me want to cry. I love it here. I love Korea. I love being a missionary. And I vow to have nothing left in my heart but love, obedience, and satisfaction at the end of these 6 weeks.

I love missionary work!!!!!
kiss love hugs! 

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