Monday, July 1, 2013

Hastening the Work

FAMILY!!! 안녕하세요!  잘지내고있죠??
You know it is going to be a good day when you walk into the world's largest department store as it is opening and having all the workers bow to you, welcoming you in. Yep, it was fantastic!

Anyhow, How is everyone doing? Me, great! Sounds like weather is getting pretty toasty for y’all, and I guess it is for us too.  We had a day that was about 91*  but other than that it hasn't felt too bad...

This week we were able to mix some things up a little bit with exchanges!  Sister Scott had to finally break her 7 week record of being with the same person 24/7!  Never before has that happened. (and it probably never will.)

I was able to go over to the nearby SuJeong and serve with Sister Redford. That area is beautiful.  Over there is what I initially expected all of Korea to look like. Everything built up on the mountains and just a maze of color houses all squished together with no rhyme or reason. It was fun being able to walk those streets as we went out finding Less-Actives.

The neat thing about exchanges is to see that no matter who you are with, you are united under one purpose and the work continues to move forward.

As the Sister Trainer Leader, I was able to see how they were doing and help them set goals. They are whitewashing into an area and figuring out where to even begin is always a killer!  But at the end of the exchange, I felt like I learned more, and I am grateful that I get to be with the amazing Sister Scott for these last 2 transfers! If anything I feel like she is not just my friend, but my co-senior companion.

Next mix up of the week is we gathered again with the Zone Leaders and STL in the mission for a training meeting.  President and Sister Gilbert already having seen the broadcast on missionary work, it was amazing to see their excitements in the hastening of the work, especially where new convert baptisms are concerned and working with the members.

Sunday gave us the opportunity to watch the broadcast for ourselves!! ((and thankfully in English!)) It was amazing! Afterwards my companion and I talked about it a lot and these were some of our thoughts:

We love how they emphasized that the call for member missionary work has never changed or dissipated.  It just needs to be remembered. I feel that Heavenly Father is calling us all to remembrance of the covenants we made at baptism to stand as a witness of God at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places.  I know that I have not kept that covenant as well as I could have in the past, but now the servants of the Lord are asking for a recommitment to that covenant and ordinance of Salvation. We are a covenant people and our Master expects us to fulfill it to the highest. There will be overflowing blessings comparative to the diligence and love we put into this work. We loved that the Church is embracing technology for our benefit and they want all of us to do the same.  It can and should be used for so much good. All the things they talked about weren't high lofty goals, they are as easy to achieve as we have the love to serve. Fear is a child of pride.  That is what is bringing so many people down. But when conquered through love, lives are changed.

I'm excited for the internet usage, especially because EVERYONE is plugged in on the subway. And I can't tell you how many people have said they have been to our church, but no one is ever there!! The church tours will be an amazing blessings!

Another part that I thought was interesting is when they mentioned that something that might be holding the members back is a lack of understanding. That reminded me of a quote by Elder Bednar.  He said. “Miracles= The natural result of the correct application of true principles" So what doctrines and principles do we need to understand and then apply to see the miracle of baptism, and growth in activity in the church?? The broadcast included many!!

Oh, I love missionary work!! As a missionary with a tag, and as a member with one printed upon my heart. The work is going forward, and the Lord is leading us on in boldness! I LOVE IT!

**So funny moment of the week, and especially fitting with Will Hatfield coming home from Russia. There is a lady in our ward that goes to Russian often for her job. So she speaks Russian well.  She brought back a song from there for us to sing as a choir.  At first glance, with the Korean written under the Russian, it looked like she had just translated the song...NOPE!! The Korean written is the pronunciation of the Russian. haha I am currently learning a Russian song through Korean pronunciation. So Will, if you want to sing together that would be awesome, though I may do it with a Korean accent!!! Hahahah

I love y’all! mean it!
kiss love hugs!!

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