Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello darling family!! 

As always, this is my favorite part of the week.  Not only do I get to read all the emails from y'all, but I FINALLY get to share what has been happening this week.  It's still hard not to be able to just call y'all up at any moment and tell you the exciting news or funny story.  But, it's all good, because now you get to have it all jammed packed into one letter. 

Something that Gwen reminded me of in her letter to me (yes Gwendel, I got it! ALLLL of it! bahah) was that when good things are about to happen, that's when Satan tries to get you down.  And though I know that truth, in the moment I completely forget that the "something good" part is about to come.  This week was wonderful, full of progression and new beginnings, but it was also a draining week; full of some disappointments and frustrations.  But if it wasn't for the bad we could never see the sparkling and bright contrast of the good, and I don't think we would appreciate it nearly as much either. 

So, first big thing that happened this week... SISTER YANG RECEIVED BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe YEAH!!!!!! It was soo amazing and wonderful.  But before we get to Saturday, let's back up a day. So, Sister Yang moved this past week.  Sad, I know.  She won't be able to come to our particular branch anymore, but in her new area she already has many friends.  We knew that this move was tough for her; new apartment, and new area far from the city and things familiar.  So, my companion and I decided to pay her a surprise visit!!  

Sister Gilbert had asked us to give Sister Yang a picture of the temple for her home, and sing to her as well.  On Friday we went and visited her and it was wonderful!!  We may or may not have had to lie to her to get her new address from her (it was for a good cause...) but the look of gratitude on her face when she opened the door to see us made the total of 4 hours travel there and back ALL worth it!!  We were able to give her a picture of the Salt Lake Temple with the words "Come Unto Me" written on it, and we sang her "Families Can Be Together Forever".  It was a wonderful message to share with her on the eve of her making a sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father, a covenant that has brought her one step closer to her Father in Heaven and the Savior Jesus Christ. 

Now, Saturday.  To see her dressed in white was a special moment for me, but to have her family there to see her in white was an answer to prayers.  She was nervous and excited, but everything went smoothly.  I think from the entire night, the moment that will hopefully remain with me forever is when we sang the closing song, "I Believe in Christ".  She didn't sing along, she just sat there.  She sat there with her eyes closed and a personal smile pulling at the corners of her mouth as she slightly swayed the the music; as if her whole being was in agreement with the words of the song: "I believe in Christ, He is my King!  With all my heart, to Him I'll sing".  It was a tender moment and tears came to my mind as I recognized that my heart sang along with hers.  I have no doubt that Heavenly Father has prepared her to bless the lives of many people.  We have asked her to write down her conversion story and we'll send into the Korean Liahona; I'm excited for her to share her faith with even more people. 

With one baptism over with, a missionary's heart can't help but look forward to the next opportunity to help someone else make that sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven.  And it's a huge blessing that I can now say that I won't have to wait that long!! My companion and I are hopeful and planning on baptizing our other investigator September 9th!!!!!!!  

So, her name is Kim HwaSoon, she is the grandmother of some members in our branch.  She is about 76 years old and so kind and sweet.  We started meeting with her a couple of weeks ago and things have progressed quickly!  Her background is interesting; her mother was Buddhist, and so she was also raised in that faith, but throughout her years she has gone to other churches to try and find which one was right for her.  Whenever she would go into a new church she was listen closely to the things taught and the feelings within her heart, if she didn't like either one of those she would get up and leave.  But, the first Sunday she came to church with her family she explained that she felt something different.  She felt good, she felt comfort, she felt at peace, so much so she couldn't keep the tears from flowing. 

This past Saturday she attended Sister Yang's baptism and she couldn't tell us enough times that she wanted to be baptized too!!  We have taught her two out of the three lessons necessary before baptism, and though she understands, her old mind has a hard time remembering.  But her heart is pure, and she is wanting to accept what we teach her with everything that she has.  We meet with her again this wednesday and then we will set the baptismal date for sure. 

I think the funny part about teaching her is when I talk!! haha She is old, and I think because I am American, and talk kinda like an American when I speak Korean, she just gets confused and doesn't understand ANYTHING that I say!! haha My darling companion is now translating for me in the lessons... not from English to Korean, but from Korean to Korean... yeah, it's a little disheartening, but she's such a cute lady that I can't really be that mad. 

A couple of weeks ago, in a package from mom and dad, y'all sent me stuff to make s'mores and those Reese's bars.  Well, this past saturday for our youth english program I decided to share!! We were talking about stores and shopping, so in the kitchen I decided to set up the "missionary cafe".  At the end of the lessons, they came up to the cafe window, and I gave them a Reese's bar and a cookie if they could tell me two things that they learned from PMG class and English Class.  It was lots of fun; but when the kids would come up for seconds, they only wanted another cookie... they all explained that the Reese's bars were WAY TOO SWEET!! hahah Poor things.  It's funny to see the different taste buds of Americans and Koreans... well more like Americans and everyone else... we really do like our sweet stuff!! Same with the people I have taught how to make s'mores; they can only eat like one because it is sooo sweet! hehe (though I did share some with Sister Kim (mom you got an email from her) and because she lived in America and served a mission there, she was SO EXCITED to have a s'more again... really though, her excitement was ridiculous hehe)  So thanks for all the packages of treats that y'all send here, they are being shared and 'experienced' by lots of people. 

This week in preparation for the baptism I was able to clean the font with one of the little primary girls in the branch.  As we were cleaning we were able to talk about the importance of baptism and following Jesus Christ.  She gets to be baptized next year and she is SO excited.  We talked about how she felt when ever she had to decided to "choose the right" and follow Christ's example; said that she felt good and happy.  I loved her simple and excited answer.  And I have to agree.  When we choose to follow the Savior, we will ALWAYS feel good and happy.  To quote our dear Prophet, President Monson: "Nothing good can come from doing bad and nothing bad can come from doing good."  And I think of the scripture that says that all good things come from God.  I know that days are hard, and somethings things don't work out, or people get annoying or whatever, but I know that if we choose to do good, if we choose to do as the Savior would do, not matter what the world would have us do otherwise, then we WILL ALWAYS be happy and feel good. 

I love y'all.  Thanks for everything that you do!! Thanks for the letters.  I love just hearing about your days. I hope you know that you are in my prayers.  There seems to be some rough days happening at home, but I know that there is a bright future just around the corner, hold on, choose good, and you will be happy.
Kiss Love Hugs!! 

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