Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi Family!!
Oh man!! Can y’all believe that it is already September!?!?!  Soooo crazy!! Though, the weather these past couple of days has been absolutely amazing; so really there is no complaining on my part!  It's nice to have the weather cooling off.  But with another new month, it means that another month has passed by! Currently I have been a missionary for 8 months, and in Korea for 5 months!! Then, this Thursday we will be getting transfer calls and I'll then be on my 5 transfer in Korea!  So far we are thinking that I will be staying and my companion is going.  Rumors are circling that I might be made a Trainer, but there is NO way I feel ready for that.... sigh... we'll see.  With time going by so quickly it also means that next month I will be hitting my half way mark... yeah...I know...I don't like it either! {her "hump day" is October 11. Feel free to send her anything that will make that day better for her!}

Well,  the work in 신정 is moving along wonderfully!! This last week we were able to have the last couple of lessons with our sweet 72 year old grandmother in preparation for her BAPTISM! This Saturday!!!  The lessons we have been having with her are very tender.  Before I explain why, I want to share with you something that I was studying this past week. 

In preparation to do the workshop (<-- almost forgot that word, it took me a minute lol)  in the District Meeting, I was studying in PMG about Recognizing the Spirit.  In my studies it lead me to think about the Gifts of the Spirit and the way that people feel the spirit.  (Some good scriptures include : Galatians 5:22-23(fruits of the spirit), Moroni 10:8-17 & 1 Corinthians 12 (gifts of the spirit) and John 15:26(testifies of truth) )   Through studying I was really able to look at my life, and the things that I have been blessed with.  It made me realize that as individuals, Heavenly Father knows us individually.  And He has prepared each of us with special gifts that will allow us to find, understand and recognize truth.  After some introspective thinking I started to think about my investigators.  How do they feel the spirit?  How do they recognize when something is true?  And how can I use that understanding to better teach them?  These questions are still a work in progress, but while teaching sweet Grandma Kim, I was able to notice how she has been recognizing the truth that we have been teaching her.

Grandma Kim is a very sensitive person.  She is very in tune with her feelings.  For the first moment that she came  to church, with tears in her eyes she said that she just felt something different and that she felt good.  My favorite lesson this last week with her was the Plan of Salvation (and it's my favorite lesson to teach anyways...)   After we went through the lesson, again tears just streamed down her face.  Sounding nearly heartbroken she inquired why she didn't know about this before! "Why couldn't I have found this earlier in my life?"  Again, the special spirit within her, the special gift of readily recognizing the truth, testified to her that after her 72 years of searching she finally found the way back to her Father in Heaven.  

And that is what spiritual gifts do.  They are given to us so that we, and those that we are meant to help through using our gifts, may return to live with our loving Heavenly Father.  Things of Spiritual nature do not limit themselves to this time and this place on earth.  A truth is eternal, and the Spirit testifies of truth.
I think the only hard thing for this sweet little lady is her poor memory is a little.. well, old. haha  She wants to understand the truth that she already feels, but it's a bit hard to do that when you can't remember everything very easily.  So, my wonderful companion had this awesome idea and we ended up making her a "map of the gospel" in a sense.  It's a picture that depicts the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ all in one.  It is SO COOL!!!  I'll be sending y’all the picture for sure.  But she was so grateful for that.  Aww the sweet and tender experiences we have had with her could just go on and on!!  I'm excited to see her dressed in white on Saturday. 

In other news, we survived all the storms here, and truth be told I was a little disappointed with how wimpy they were...I miss the good thunderstorms of Tennessee.  Other parts of Korea didn't fare as well, but overall, all the missionaries in Busan are safe and sound. 

Sorry I don't have very many fun stories this week... other than the one of a less active lady that we found who claims that she is possessed by an evil spirit.... but the work is moving right along and everything is going well!!

Today will be a fun adventure!! They just opened up a Costco in my area!! WHOOT WHOOT! So we are going with the Elders to go get some groceries!  I am so excited! =]

I love y’all dearly! Thanks for all the love and prayers and uplifting messages!!  I always feel extra strength from email time. 

Matty, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!! I hope you like your present from Korea!! And make mom give you an extra hug from me mmk??

I'll let y’all know what happens with transfers next week, the email will probably be later than normal too fyi

Love ya, mean it!!
kiss love hugs!

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