Monday, September 10, 2012

Beginning of Transfer 5!

 Sorry, I warned y’all that the email would be coming a little bit later today, still, sorry that y’all had to wait.

So this last week in Shin Jeong was awesome.  The weather has been getting SO STINKIN wonderful!  I am in love with fall.  I think the only complaint is the mosquitos are out for revenge before they disappear for the year and I'm Oh.So.Lucky to have them feasting on me... ugh I hate those. 

The Great Costco Adventure was fun.  It was strange walking into a place that smelled a little like America lol.  But the trip was fun and the best was we had a picnic with all our goodies in a park by the river.

These past couple of weeks we have been focusing a lot on Less Active finding in our area.  We have a list from 2010 of LAs, but we have NO idea if those people even still live there.  It has been so much fun going out and searching around the streets of Korea for these precious people.  Unfortunately we have gotten some not so warm welcomes, or they mostly just haven't been home so we have left a note and some cookies, but I'm glad that we were able to find some people.  It's pretty fun to still get to walk down new streets every day, I love that kind of adventure, but it also made me realize how much more work needs to be done!!!!

My favorite moment with a less active this week was when we went over to her house to see how she was doing (we had made contact with her last week with a challenge to start reading the Book of Mormon daily).  The change in her was amazing!! She seemed so much brighter and happier!  We talked for a little bit, but then we all just opened up our scriptures and read from the Book of Mormon where she had left off that morning.  It was so neat and the spirit that was there was so strong.  She had said that that was the first time she had read with anyone like that and she LOVED it! I think we'll be doing that every week; just go in, read for 10-20 min, talk a bit and leave with a prayer.  Its amazing how much those simple things can have a profound change.   

My favorite miracle this week happened on Thursday.  We took the 40 minute bus ride to go visit our recent convert Sister Yang. We wanted to check in and see how things were going, but we also wanted to talk to her about possibly teaching her daughter.  Her daughter's name is 김지희 Kim JeeHee, and she is an amazing young woman.  She is 14 years old, but her heart and her mind are truly amazing.  She is a deep thinker and someone who really understands things, not to mention she is just sooo smart! Really, she is just like her mom.  Well, when we get to the house it turns out that the Mom, Sister Yang, wasn't at home; which actually turns out to be a blessing.  JeeHee was able to completely open up to us.  Since her family moved she has had a really tough time with the new school.  The kids aren't very nice and they have thrown her in the category dubbed "invisible".  So sad.  

She hasn't want to tell her mom because the move has been hard enough on her and she didn't want to make it worse.  Well, soon conversation about school soon turned spiritual.  At one point we asked her what she thought the purpose of life was.  She explained that everyones focus was on school... good grades leads to a good college which leads to a good career.. But she said, what was the point of all that?  Was that really all that there was!?!  From talking about that, and about her feelings of having no one to talk to, we were able to teach her about her loving Heavenly Father, how He is there, and He has a plan for her.  We were able to teach her about prayer.  The tears in this 14 year olds eyes were so tender as she graciously accepted the opportunity to be able to talk to someone who is Always there and Always listening.  I love those moments, when we show them that there is soo much more then what the world offers.  I love that moment when they realize that they are cared about and loved. (Not that she doesn't feel that from her parents).  So now, with her mother's full-hearted permission we get to teach her every week!! I am SO excited to see her learn and grow. 

Well, that wasn't the only miracle that happened on Thursday.... So, like I said last week, Transfer Calls were this past Thursday. So 9:06pm comes and the phone rings...It's the AP Elder Riser and he wants to talk to my companion. They talk and she gets the call that she will be leaving, well, just before the conversation was over I was really confused because usually they tell you who will be coming!  I holler at Elder Riser and ask him who is coming, and his reply: "got to go, bye!!"... Well, 3 minutes of anxious waiting and the tears already start coming... Next, at 9:09pm the phone rings and it is President Gilbert.  There are only a few reasons why President Gilbert calls you on Transfer Day. 1. You are a district leader 2. You are a zone leader 3. You are an Assistant or 4. You are training.  Well, seeing as the sisters don't serve as 1-3, I knew what the call meant and tears just started coming faster.  I answer with much less enthusiasm than I normally do and after his "hello" he just asks "why?"  All could say was that I am nervous...
"I don't know, I just am!"
"Because I know what you are going to say..."
"Why does that make you nervous?"
"Because i'm still a little kid missionary"
"No you're not!  You're a Big Sister missionary!"
He then goes on to tell me that i will be getting a new companion that will be coming from America (AKA the Provo MTC), but that the Companion will be KOREAN!!!  See, there is only one new sister missionary coming and I will be getting her to train. He told me to just keep doing what I'm doing and that he has complete trust in me. Even more importantly, Heavenly Father has trust in me, for that is who my call came from.

Well, end the phone call and bring on the reallly BIG tears.  Now, they weren't tears of sadness or fear, but more like tears of humility.  It is always humbling when Heavenly Father trusts you, especially in this situation where He is trusting me to help one of His selected representatives as she begins her mission.  I have a lot of other emotions running around in my head and heart, but above all it's humility.  I am thankful to be a missionary and I am thankful to be here in Korea learning so so so much every day.  I know Heavenly Father loves me because He is giving me so many opportunities to learn and grow, and that is truly humbling.

I just hope I do ok as a trainer (you seem to remember your trainers the most from your missions......)

But of course all y’alls prayers would be VERY nice!!

I'll meet her on Wednesday and they we'll be back in Shin Jeong on Thursday!! It'll be a grand adventure I'm sure!

Love y’all!! I miss y’all!! Thanks for everything!!

kiss love hugs

PS: Mom, I’m doing ok with the weather changes so far!  I have a red scarf at home in my box of extras that would be nice! (I'm soooo excited to wear my scarfs again!!) Other than that I'm ok for now.

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