Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thanks for the rain coat!

Darling Family,

Well first, darling Mom and Dad!  Thanks again for the beautiful raincoat! It has come in EXTREMELY handy this past week.  Oh man!  The weather has been nuts and today is the worst of it all! I sure do love Typhoon Weather. So, everything should be ok... but at 1pm we have to be back at our house and we are house bound for the rest of the day.. But don't worry President had everyone update their 72 hour kits last night so everything should be good! ㅋㅋㅋ (Korean style haha sounds like a “K”) No really though, it shouldn’t be too bad...but the prayers would be nice!

WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN!!!  I think Monday-Thursday had to be some of my most fun days (and hardest days) of my mission yet.  Monday, transfer day, all the missionaries getting new companions get to meet up at the Boo.  I love being able to get together with other missionaries!  But my most exciting moment was when I realized that I got to spend the next couple of days with my bestest friends Sister Kersey and Sister Chase as I waited for my new companion to arrive!! I love those sisters with all of my heart.  (Sister Kersey was one of my MTC companions and when I was sister representative in the MTC, I got to be the one to welcome Sister Chase!)  Anyhow, needless to say our study time together was a spiritual feast, and our days together where my most favorite!...(the nights were fun too! haha One night we were all craving cake... SO we went and got one from the store [on sale] and we ate it with chopsticks!  Yes, we had a very large sugar high by the time we went to bed, but it was totally worth it!)  I was extremely grateful for the love and support of those two sisters as I began my newest and most intimidating adventure of being a Trainer.

So...Training Days!! It was strange to be one the other side of things especially because it feels nearly like yesterday that I was going through those things as a new missionary myself.  On both Wednesday and Thursday, before we met with the new missionaries, we were able to have a meeting just with trainers.  That was amazing.  We talked about our role and our purpose and the need for our constant examples.  That the things we teach these new missionaries will affect the mission field for the next 18 months to 2 years (yeah, no pressure there!!!!!)  But we were able to go around the room and everyone shared an attribute they had learned from their trainers.  That was neat to see the impact that a trainer has.  I was able to think about the darling 이예정, my trainer.  From her I learned courage; that this work takes courage to do.  It takes courage to rely on the Lord and it takes courage to do this work HIS way, not mine.  It also takes courage to love everyone around you.  And when life gets hard, when trials come, it takes courage to continue to walk forward.  I hope that I can be a trainer like that.

Wednesday we did a proselyting activity with the new missionaries.  This time around, they had a scavenger hunt find a man in a hat and teach him about the restoration. Or find a mother and her children and share a message about eternal families. It was fun, but it was also hard. The place where we were at, people were VERY busy and it was hard to be able to talk to anyone for too long.  That night we had a delicious dinner and the poor jet lagged missionaries were more than ready for bed!

Thursday is the day that President (with Sister Gilbert and the APs) pray and decided who will be with who. (In my case, since there was only one sister it was a rather easy choice).  But it was fun to see who the Elders were all paired up with.  And of course, every match was perfect (Heavenly Father wouldn't have it any other way!)

SOO!! MY NEW COMPANION!  Her name is 윤은지 (Yoon EunJi).  She is 25 years old, from Seoul, and knows nearly NO english....... Haha yep, this will be an adventure! No really, she is kind and she seems nervous about missionary work, about being able to accomplish her purpose but I know that her humility, if she relies on the Lord, will allow her to become a great missionary. 

Things have been a little rough as she has dwelt with jet lag and adjusted to mission life and mission rules, but every day we grow a little closer together.  I am excited to see how things work out for the next 12 weeks.  No doubt it will be hard, but we are going to help each other grow soo much!  And besides, because we are both missionaries, if there is anything we can't understand with the words we use, we simply need to listen to the Spirit and understand with our hearts. 

Fun food story!! haha So to start off this new adventure we had a missionary meeting in Shin Jeong with our ward missionary leader and the elders.  As a special treat he took us out for a Korean favorite... DOG!!! Yep, I ate dog... again... and this time it was MUCH more delicious than the first =] haha Sorry y'all, but it's true.  Oh and then the next day it was my special treat (sarcasm) to have pig skin.. chowder? I'm not sure what exactly you would call it. But I will be VERY ok if I don't have to eat it again.

Other than that, the work is moving along here in Korea.  We are all excited for Korean Thanksgiving and General Conference coming up!! General Conference especially because we are hoping for a Temple to be announced for Busan!!!

I love you all! Thank you for all the fun stories (nice dream Gwedel!!), spiritual messages (Daddy you're my favorite), my favorite day to day updates (Mom, I really do love those!!) and all other funness y'all send me(...emily...matt...kaylani... JK!!)  Thank you for the prayers and for all the love! I miss y'all!!

Kiss Love Hugs! 

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