Sunday, September 23, 2012


Family...I was writing another email, but there is NO TIME to finish it... (You know why!) {she was email chatting with Mom, Emily and Gwen!}

So highlights.
-Had the WORST MEAL EVER...well so far...this week=PIGS FEET! It was was all skin and cartilage and it was just plain wrong....
-We got a service opportunity preparing and serving food to old's lots of fun
-Zone Conference was this week and it was fun because we got to Skype with the missionaries on the JeJu Island. First time that has ever happened! I love technology!
-I met a super sweet girl from Colorado who is here to teach English. We got her number and hopefully we'll have dinner soon with the American family in our branch. She has lots of member friends and said seeing the missionaries reminded her of home.
-Korean Thanksgiving is this weekend, and so pretty much everyone is going out of town! At church, it might only be the missionaries....and maybe ONE family! But we get to go to Busan for a big get-together with the whole mission!

The work is good, study time is the best, and I love missionary work!!

Sorry, next week will be better, lol!

kiss love hugs!

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