Thursday, December 20, 2012

Becoming Korean

FAMILY!!!! Hello!!!

It was SOO FUN to open up my email today and see all the lovin from family and friends! I miss all y’all so very much! Thanks for all the birthday wishes =]!! It was a good one! We had President Interviews 2 days before and, because President's bday is on the 9th, the District surprised us with a delicious cake and candles at the meeting. Then me and my house of sisters went out to eat and had Baskin Robbins. I admit that the food was really really gross, so on my actual birthday we ordered in DELICIOUS Korean chicken and I was satisfied ^__^ 

The morning of my b-day, the sisters all sang to me and gave me small little, hand-made gifts, and then I opened up the box from Dad and found the beautiful new scarves and gloves and opened up the skirt and shirt!!! Thank you thank you!! OH and the new orthotics!?!! I. Have. Happy. Feet! Thank you!

That night after dinner we all sat around laughing and talking and doing more of the crafts Mom and Dad sent. It was a fun day. That night it really hit me that I was 22 years old and that was a little strange (especially because now I have to say I'm 24 in Korean!! lol)  But it ended up being a good day!

OH YEAH!! hahah That night, when our District Leader called, I decided to give him a hard time lol  That day I had gotten calls from President, the ZL's, and my old district leader... yet I didn't receive a call from my DL!  So Elder Han (he's Korean, but he's from New Zealand...yes his accent is awesome) called to apologize to me from not calling earlier. He got out his guitar and their 4 missionary house all sang Happy Birthday to me! haha best way to end the day!

The rest of the week went really well. We are trying to find the balance of things here in Sangin. Ever since I was a new missionary, this has been my first area that I came to a new area with my companion already having been's be a strange adjustment. I'm used to knowing the area, the people, everything that's going on, and because I feel so far behind this week has been a little hard. I'm ready to know these people!!! They are so wonderful!  Well, the previous missionaries in this area did a good job with meeting with the people who were in need, but the schedule they made has been the schedule of things ever the point that we have NO time to visit ANYONE else. 

My companion expressed her equal desire to visit other members, and really start contacting the LA. So this week has been a week of a lot of thinking and re-evaluating. After Christmas we'll be making some changes, and I hope that it will allows to give our attention to more people who are in need of support and love from the missionaries. Luckily the members are always willing to help so I think it will be good.

Dad's email title was "White Christmas". Well it looks like we will be having a white Christmas here in Daegu as well!!!! Of course the weather is cold, and there will most likely be snow, but our White Christmas will be the White of Baptismal clothes!!!  We get to have an investigator baptism! =] I am so excited. Though I have only taught this cute girl once, the other missionaries have taught her well and her desire to be baptized is HUGE. She is a young woman and she loves coming to church. Her family has given their permission, but they don't really make things easy for her. But, she has been coming out on her own and participates in everything that she can. Her baptism will either be at the ward christmas party on Saturday the 22nd or Sunday morning the 23rd.  Either way, her dream of getting baptized before Christmas will come true. I'm excited for her to have another special reason to really remember Christ, this and every Christmas.

Overall this week was fun. I've been praying hard to be able to recognize why I am in this area and with my companion. I want to be able to accomplish the work that is needed of me. And little by little the vision is opening up to me. It's always so neat to have the opportunity to do the Lord's errand.

Something really fun this past week!!! haha On Sunday I made another step towards becoming a Korean! Are you ready... I MADE KIMCHI!!!  It was fun!!! Though I smelled like Kimchi for the rest of the day lol

They call it "Kimchi Jang"  and it's a big get together. We have all the cabbage and the spicy pepper paste and we go at it coating everything. While people took turns making the Kimchi, there was games and food and just chatting. It was a really fun get together!! 

I love you all dearly! and I'm SO SO SOOO excited to talk to y’all next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss love hugs!!

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