Sunday, December 9, 2012!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!!  Thanks y’all soo much for all the birthday wishes!  It was fun to see all the messages from family and friends!  Thank you!!  It's strange to think that this will be my first birthday without any family members.  But it's all good because I’m serving with a very BIG family!! They just happen to be Asian. =]  No really, thanks y’all.  I miss each of you and love you even more!

Family! Hi!  So Daegu...
Oh my heavens!! It is sooo stinkin cold here it's not even funny!!!  Yesterday the blistering high was a balmy 32 degrees, but don't worry the weather cooled off to a nice 18 degrees that night -___-  yeah...But, where the cold makes things not so fun, the area COMPLETELY makes up for it!

Family, I AM SO HAPPY!! All the time!! I love this area, I love the members, I LOVE my companion, I love my house, I love my district, I love my zone, I love the other two sisters that are with us...I JUST LOVE IT ALL!! hehe  Seriously!  SO happy!!

Right now is really fun. I am at Elder and Sister Helms house! They are the missionary couple working with the military branch. They are from South Carolina and they bring the South to Korea. I get to talk southern with them, lol! It's great. They have a "Transfer Breakfast" tradition. The first Monday after transfers they have everyone over to their house for breakfast. Today we had biscuits and gravy with sausage!! I was in HEAVEN! I made sure and brought all the fantastic crafts Mom and Dad sent me and we were able to do them together with the zone. They were adorable and everyone loved the crafts. The Helms also have us all coming over for Christmas Day and we will just have a fun day of games and snacking and goodness. 

Speaking of CHRISTMAS!! I'm glad that y’all got one of my boxes! That one y’all can open up  when everyone gets together. It would be fun to use it a couple of times before Christmas so you can tell me what you think. Y’all decide how you want to do it. There is another one coming, with more individual presents; so pray hard that it comes when y’all are all together. 

So this week I got the packages from Mom and Dad!! Thanks!! Question: the "wait for it..." package... are the things wrapped inside so I can open the box or do I need to wait?  And mom: you said that some were for my birthday right? Just curious...

Gwendel, THANK YOU!  For the music and memory cards and candy!  We have been listening to the music as much as possible!  lol Gwen, you're such a goob! My personal favorites as I have listen to the music have been Barry Manilow (made me think of Mom!) The Jets {Gwen has no idea what she is talking about here, LOL!}, Hansen and of course Aretha Franklin hahahah 

Oh! Also! Remember me talking about Bomi? She will be in America on the 15th and she wants to meet y’all!! Her English is good, but make sure you talk simply and a little slow! haha But really she wants to meet my family! I believe she found the girls on Facebook, so you can communicate with her through that =]

And now for the BEST part about Christmas!! PHONE CALLS!! SO daddy, you were right! We will be calling y’all on Christmas Day for us, Eve for y’all.  So, President and Sister Gilbert were worried about the fees and such for missionaries, and so they gave us permission to have YOU call US on our cell phones. I don't know if you want to do that or just have me call the Conference call phone because either way that doesn't cost me money (which is the point) 

This week has been fun!  Sangin is a VERY BUSY area!! We are constantly going from one place to another with meetings and lessons!  It is crazy and absolutely amazing!  I love it. It has been fun to begin meeting all the members. It's a bit strange to not know anyone... but I'm slowly learning all the names. The ward LOVES missionaries and they are always willing to help us. Our ward mission leader is amazing. He used to be the Stake President and he is so organized and on the ball. At our Missionary Council Meeting he was there as well as the ward missionaries. When we talked about the people we were meeting, they were actually interested and gave help when we needed!! They he gave us a list the ward wanted to focus on and told us all about them.  It was amazing!! I have NEVER been in a meeting like that before.

Sunday was a fun day, but my favorite part was when the Youth Curriculum was introduced.  I am so excited for this new program!!!  As I was watching the videos I realized that not only will the teaching and learning be done as the Savior did, but it's just as us missionaries are striving to do things. It was a tender moment.  The Lord is preparing His people even more to take this everlasting gospel to the WORLD!!  I am so grateful to be apart of this glorious work.

Thank you for all the love and support.  For the birthday wishes! I'll talk to y’all in 15 days!! EEKK!!!!

love ya - mean it!
Kiss Love Hugs! 

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