Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Transfer and Extra COLD!

Darling Family!!

Hello!!! How is everyone this week!?! From the letters sounds like all y’all are doing great which makes me happy!! Oh how I miss and love each of you!

Well, y’all got the news a little early from Sister Kim!! I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!!! I had the feeling the call was coming. Actually I got the feeling of where I was going and who I was going to be with a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to see that I was right!! So...I have been transferred to 대구 상인  Daegu, Sangin Ward!! Daegu is known as the hottest place in the summers and the coldest place in the winters in Korea. So mom and dad, an extra big thanks in advance for buying me a wonderful coat and set of boots!! They will be put to good use!!

As for my new companion, I am really really excited to serve with her!! She is absolutely adorable and has the heart of an angel!  Her name is 윤진아  Sister Yoon Jin Ah!! Yep!! I have the privilege of serving with another Korean!!!! Some extra fun news is that in Daegu I will be in the 4 sister house!!! So there is Me and my companion, another Korean 추윤아 (nickname is Sister Charity) and Sister Chase!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!  This transfer is going to be so much fun. I have already heard such wonderful things about the ward I will be serving in.  The members are involved and they love missionary work.  There are some programs already in the making for Christmas, so I'm excited to see the miracles that come from those. 

I have to say that is was really strange to leave Shin Jeong; my home for the past 6 months of my mission!! It was hard saying goodbye to the members that I have served for so long and with all my heart. I loved them all dearly. It was definitely a teary goodbye.  I think the hardest goodbye was Sister Kim!! I love her so very much, like my own sister!  She was my friend, and mentor these past couple months. I knew her in my first area as well, so it will be strange serving without her being close by!  Before Missionaries leave for home they get to visit past areas their last two p-days. Shin Jeong has definitely made that list! 

My companion and trainee Sister Yoon had a really hard time this past week.  First, it was just the knowledge that transfers were coming up, and then it was the fact that the call officially came.  Last, was the days leading up to transfer days as I packed my bags, said goodbyes and prepared to leave. We had some long hours and night of tears.  I remember what it was like leaving my trainer and my heart went out to her. Her new companion is from my group of missionaries, Sister Cutler, and I know that they will learn a lot from each other. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see Sister Yoon grow and that I was able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in helping her learn and most importantly love. She gave me the a very sweet present as we departed. She has graduated college and her trade is making jewelry. She works with precious medals and makes her own stones with silver casted flowers. She brought some of her pieces that she has made to the mission and presented me with a BEAUTIFUL ring!! I'll send a picture later. She also had me choose another stone that she made and will be making me a necklace when she returns home that she'll send later. Her heart is so large and so sensitive, and most of her life she has spent building up her defenses; but it was my honor to see those walls begin to come down. As they did so, her heart was able to touch other peoples. I hope and pray that she will continue to do so. 

Some fun news from Shin Jeong! Sweet Grandma Kim, our convert, finished the Book of Mormon this past week and she is excited to begin the Doctrine and Covenants!! She always said that she didn't understand much, but she also felt so happy when she was reading. It was amazing how quickly she read and how day after day you could see the light of her faith and testimony grow!

This past Saturday at the Youth english and PMG class, we began a project that the mission has wanted to implement.  It's called the “Letter Project” and when the missionaries go visit with the members we bring with us the name of a LA or a member who is having a hard time and we all sit down and write a letter to them. Then the missionaries go and deliver the letters. This past Saturday with the youth, we all knelt down together and prayed to know who, amongst the youth, were in need of a special letter. From the names we chose we all wrote letters sharing our testimony, or favorite scriptures, and most importantly our love. It was neat to see all the youth thinking of those they hadn't seen in a while and having their hearts reach out in hopes that those people would come back to church again. 

Transfer meeting today was such a BLAST!! I seriously LOVE getting together with the missionaries!! It was neat; I heard the testimonies of the Elder's going home.  These missionaries are the ones that have really become my dear friends and I'm sad to see them go. It was wonderful as they shared their experiences and the things that really stood out to them.  After the testimonies, Sister Gilbert said something that I really liked!  She said: "The greatest testimony you'll ever leave is the testimony of how you lived your mission."  How grateful I am to be living my mission and living my testimony everyday and I'm excited to now share the love that I have with the people of Daegu!!

Thanks for you love!! I sent off the final Christmas package today!! ONLY MOM can look at it and wrap all the presents =]

I miss you all and I love you!! So far I haven't gotten any of the packages, but I’m assuming that they are coming soon! Love you! mean it!

Kiss Love Hugs!! 

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